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Commitment by our suppliers

Suppliers are vital resources to the development of the company and also important sources of budget and risk control.Shanghong always adheres to the cooperative philosophy of honesty,open and win-win.It is our wish to work with our suppliers together to make contributions to the retail industry.Shanghong hopes our suppliers to provide high quality goods,lower the costs,deliver on time,improve competitiveness,be honesty and self-disciplined. A healthy relations need us to do as follows.

All goods provided must have a test report or a quality certificate according to the law.Please make sure that all these documents are legal,valid and authentic.

After the confirmation of the brand,the supplier(related with product performance and quality ) should not change the formulas and crafts.If changes,please refers to Shanghong in writing before 20 days.

The supplier must accept Shanghong’s system of product checkup and acceptance.When checking,the supplier should follow the institutions stipulated by Shanghong.

To the products not passed,the supplier should make certain that the qualified one be supplied in time. Otherwise,the supplier must bear the loss willingly.

Before usage, the passed good arises issues of incomplete certificate,unmatched brand or bad quality,the supplier must agree to unconditionally return purchase and supply qualified ones.Otherwise,the supplier must bear the loss willingly.

The supplier must never bribe staff or staff’s relatives of Shanghong.Please be self-disciplined.