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    Supplier Confirmation Process
    Supplier's commitment

    Supplier's letter of commitment

    Supplying chain is an important external resource for the development of enterprises as well as an essential part of cost management and risk control. Shanghong always adheres to the concept of integrity, openness, transparency and common prosperity in procurement work. We are willing to cooperate with all suppliers, trust and help each other, marching forward together to jointly make our contribution to the retail industry. We hope our suppliers can guarantee product quality, explore more to cut down cost, ensure on time deliveries and be more competitive for you and us. To build a healthy partnership featuring honesty, clean and self-discipline, we would require our suppliers to commit following points:

    1、All the supplied goods shall be provided with qualified "quality inspection report" and relevant product certificate, which shall comply with relevant national regulations; and all certificates shall be

    2、After receiving the writen confirmation letter from Shanghong, regarding the brand of supplied goods, supplier shall not change its sub-contract manufacturers, involved materials and processing techinics, which may affect the quality or performance of supplied goods. If such change has to be made, supplier shall inform Shanghong in writing no less than 20 working days.

    3、Suppliers recognize the goods inspection and receiving procedures as well as the storage conditions of Shanghong, and would follow such procedures voluntarily and strictly when making deliveries to Shanghong.

    4、For the goods that fail to pass the inspection, suppliers should replenish qualified goods within the time span specified by Shanghong. Othewise, that supplier would be deemed as voluntarily wiling to bear all the losses caused thereby.

    5、Suppliers shall promise to replace unconditionally the goods that have already passed the inspections but found insufficient certificates, inconsistent brands and other quality issues.

    6、Suppliers shall stay honest and self-discipline and shall never briber or offer disguised briberies to Shanghong staffs, including their spouses, children and relatives.

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